A Morrison all-star named Jeg Weets is continuing to live his life to the fullest every day, capping off his month with a visit to Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City to be an honorary Kid Captain.

Jeg will be the Kid Captain this Saturday as Iowa takes on Illinois

Kid Captain is a relationship between the Iowa Hawkeye football team and the Stead Family Children’s Hospital, honoring a child every game with a jersey, on field experience, behind the scene meet and greets and more.

This weekend, it’s Jeg’s turn to shine.

Jeg is a six year old from Morrison, Ill. His mother, Jenna, says that he seems just like any normal little boy.

The only difference is Jeg has Chron’s disease and Niemann-Pick disease type C (NPC). NPC is a rare and fatal genetic disorder in which cholesterol slowly builds throughout the body, eventually effecting life functions.

There are only about 500 diagnosed cases of NPC.

:He is a normal six-year-old boy,” Jenna said. “He’s sweet and kind and caring and funny. He is just faced with a couple health challenges.”

Jeg currently undergoes treatment through an IV every four weeks and receives a drug in Chicago every two weeks via spinal tap. This process is painful and experiemental, with no known cure of NPC.

It’s a lot for Jenna and Jeg’s father, Brad, to handle.

“It’s heartbreaking to see him be put under anesthesia every two weeks, and spinal taps, IVs,” Jenna said. “We’re very grateful for the treatments, but he doesn’t quite understand yet and that can be hard. Watching our child deteriorate is something we’re trying to prepare ourselves for, but I don’t know if we ever will abe able to.

Jeg has been super strong through it all, which is part of the reason Jenna decided to nominate him for Kid Captain. In June they found out they had been picked, and after attending kid’s day at Kinnick Stadium in August, Jeg has been looking forward to this day ever since.

“I don’t think he understands the amount of people who will be there waving and cheering while he’s on the field and doing the Wave,” Jenna said. “But I know he’s excited.”

For Jeg, one of the parts he’s looking forward to is his own family. The Weets’ have family members flying in from across the country to join them, along with friends.

They’re all there to celebrate where Jeg is now and the time they have with him.

Meanwhile, he’ll have the experience of a lifetime with the Hawkeyes.

“Anything we can create for him to be awesome memories,” Jenna said. “We’re trying to overshadow the bad with teh good. That’s what you’re told when you’re diagnosed it go make memories.

We’re grateful we can do this as a family and make these memories.