Smith, Aidan

School: Clinton High School

Future plans: Going to Iowa State university to major in engineering

Accomplishments: Presidents award, citation of citizen appreciation, certification of academic achievement, 3.0 club, high honors, 3.5 club

Extracurriculars: Cross country, swimming, track and field, soccer, orchestra, NHS, interact club, letterman’s club

Favorite quote: “No I don’t think I will”. -Chris Evans (Avengers Endgame)

Favorite memory: My sophomore year my swim team went to a swim meet in Burlington we went the whole meet getting decent times and then we were on the last race. The 400 free relay, my team composed of (in order) Noah Smith, Nate Cady,me (Aidan Smith), Jack Marlowe. When we started the race everything went fine until Noah was finishing, Nate jumped in too early and our team was disqualified but we still swam. Nate finished and I dove in, I swam down and back and when I flipped to finish I looked ahead of me and saw bubbles, I was confused because I didn’t think I was kicking that hard. I swam until I was nearly at the other wall and then I saw my teammate Jack Marlowe in the water next to me. We went straight home after that.

Advice to future generations: Live in the moment because life waits for no one.

Parents' names: Jeremy and Wendy Smith

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