Display cases filled with glimmering jewels greet shoppers when they step inside Don's Jewelry, which has long been known for its engagement rings and bridal sets and beautiful pieces that become a symbol of forever.

The store now is offering a new diamond shopping experience having just added the Rare & Forever collection, designed especially for modern-day shoppers  who are looking for a better way to buy diamonds.

Listen to Sheralyn Bartels, who along with her husband Dan, owns Don's Jewelry, as she explains how the store picked up the new line.

Unlike 99 percent of diamonds graded based on human opinion, Rare & Forever diamonds are prescreened for imperfections — such as brown, green and milky hues that devalue a diamond and detract from its sparkle — and graded with cutting-edge AI technology.

Diamond grading is the process of evaluating a diamond and determining its value based on its cut, clarity, color, and carat weight (dubbed the Four Cs). For more than a century, it’s been done the old-fashioned way, a process that is subjective and based on human opinion, rather than on industry standards.

Using machines to grade diamonds with A.I. makes the process more accurate, consistent, and totally unbiased. It’s based on data, rather than on opinions. With A.I. grading, shoppers see exactly what they are buying.

Rare & Forever is grading to a higher standard with A.I. They are natural diamonds, ethically-sourced and hand-selected for their highest quality.

Alongside loose diamonds, the Rare & Forever line also features many other items perfect for gift-giving.

Visit Don's Jewelry, located at the corner of Main Avenue and Second Street in Clinton's Lyons district, to view the new Rare & Forever collection.

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